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Car Seat Installation

Tame the Car Seat Monster!
Our private car seat installation lesson

More than three out of four car seats are installed incorrectly. One of our Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians will teach you how to properly install your seat car seat. We'll also teach you how to properly adjust the seat to your child to ensure the seat is protecting them the way it was designed to. If the seat isn't properly installed and not adjusted to the child properly it can't protect your child in a crash the way it was designed to.

Rather than just checking the car seat, or installing it for you, we teach you how to install the car seat. By the end of the private instruction you'll be confident and capable of installing your car seat on your own in every vehicle, every time.

Serving NYC, Courtney and Fred Ilarraza have been Certified Passenger Safety Technicians (CPST) for over seven years. They have also been consultants to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's car seat safety program.

In Cincinnati, Ohio Dylan is a Certified Passenger Safety Technician (CPST). Dylan has been teaching families to properly install their car seats for over three years. In that time Dylan has helped hundreds of families ensure that their seat is able to protect their child as it was designed to by being properly installed. 

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